Scores not indicative of confidence?

Any of you feel like you are scoring worse on the practice exams (i.e. CFAI mock, BSAS, Schweser, etc.) than you should be based on your confidence level in terms of how much much the material you know? Or perhaps it’s the other way around where you are scoring better on the practice exams than you feel like you should based on how comfortable you are with the material. I just finished the CFA mock and did pretty well, but didn’t feel comfortable throughout most of the test (especially the afternoon session). This makes me very nervous. Best, TheChad

I think the point of mock is to find out as many weak areas as you can so you can patch them up before D-Day. The more questions you do, the more intuition you have developed, the lesser chance you messed up in the exam due to stress and human errors, and the higher chance you would pass. I never take the mock scores too seriously myself. Because being in a L2 exam previously, I know the real deal will be different to almost every candidates. So I would weight more on the intuition part that I have developed over time and use that as a benchmark for confidence. e.g. if a question talks about historical volatility in equity, can you related it to regression in Quant? A question that talks about credit analysis of corporate or municipal bonds in FI, can you relate it to corporate governance, operation and business risks in Corp Fin?