Scores not moving...

I’m taking the Book 6 Schweser exams and i’m getting consistently the same score on the exam…usually hovering on 73%. anyone else experiencing the same consistency, even if it’s other exams?

If you can get 73% in L1 exam, it’s a sure pass!

yes, but how indicative are Schweser scores to the actual exam do you think?

dont know man I am doing alot better on the CFA samples thant book 6

how are your scores on book 6?

I’m hitting mid-upper 70’s on book 6. Not cfa tests yet. Holding breathe that those go well!

book 6 around a 70 samples - high 70’s Going to take a mock tomorrow

I have taken only book 6 so far, scores below exam 1 am = 77 exam 1 pm = 68 exam 2 am = 73 exam 2 pm = 67 Averaging a 71 is not making me feel great, but hopefully game day focus is in effect. Is book 6 comparable in difficulty to the cfai online exams? Also, I would recommend using the schweser performance tracker where you fill in your scores because it lets you drill in on your weakness.

if you get over 60% in Schweser, most probably you’ll pass the real exam

Is that an opinion or is there some reasonable basis there. I have only taken Schweser exams, so I am unable to compare to an actual CFAI exam

I do hope there is a reasonable basis there I do not understand why my brain refuses to retain macroeconomics

I have trouble with econ as well … ah well… it’s only a small portion. focus on the other topics

The performance tracker gives these population stats: Scores less than 36% are not included in averages 6000+ data points lowest pop average score is 62% With the averages for these exams in the mid 60s, it is hard to believe that this would bea guaranteed pass-- unless there is a substantial cohort in the <36% category

it’s because the econ part is not written in an efficient way for us to retain I keep forget things