Scores out in 8 hrs (EST) !!!!!!!!

i am on east coast – I doubt i will get much sleep tonight…

They really need to start putting a limit on the number of pointless threads that one person is allowed to start.

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I’m still amazed at how dumb someone has to be to criticize someone for having too much time on their hands when they’ve made twice as many posts in 2/13 the amount of time. Guess it’s a slow summer in India for junior analysts.

I’m sitting here at work down under in the Australian timezone- it’s just on 3pm. Already had my last sleepless night, right now I’m struggling to focus on anything else!

Same stokey. In Aust, getting absolutely no work done, watching the time pass, listening to music, reading the forum, reading the AFR, waiting for my results. Trying to decide whether I’m confident enough to buy beers on the way home for a post-result celebration (it will be too late when we actually get our results). Will be so depressing to look at a fridge full of victory beers after a fail. Good luck!

I know exactly what you mean, but just remember victory beers can easily turn into consolation beers. Let’s just hope they serve their originally intended purpose. Best of luck to you too, MrT!!

I feel like screeming… I am looking for a nice spot to be able to do it!!.

Nice to see a few Australians on this seemingly Canadian filled forum… I get to check at 10pm since i’m in Perth… but it’s not much better. Not getting a lot done today either… Good luck to you guys and everyone else…