Scores: Schweser Vol 1 Exam 1 AM

While some of you might disagree, one of the more useful functions of the Schweser practice tests for me is the ability to see how your score stacks up against others who have taken the test. Sadly, due to the ‘subjective’ nature of grading some of the essay tests Schweser seems to have opted to not include a database to enter ones scores benchmark your performance against your peers. As a result, I started this thread so that people could post their scores and compare how they are doing.

Please try to following the scoring as strictly as possible. For me, if I don’t use the same terminology or reasoning as the answer given in the guideline I don’t give any credit.



Just completed by 1st exam. Had left AI for now and unfortunately Schweser 1 AM contains 47/180 marks on AI (yes 26% of the exam was AI).

Ended up with - 114/180 = 63.33%. My AI scores really pulled me down - 0/6, 0/4, 0/9, 3/6, 2/6, 1/6! Just got 16/47 in AI. I did extremely well in other topcis and hence avergaed out at 63.3%