Hello all,

I have given my final mock(cfa 2016) and below are my scores. I have the same averages in the other 5 mocks i gave( 3 schweser and 2 cfa)

Ethics 63.89% Quant 92.86% Econ 62.50% FRA 79.17% CF 87.50% PM 94.44% Equity 79.17% FI 75.00% Derivatives 75.00% AI 70.00% Total 77.50%

I have studied econ just once and that explains it being my weakest area. I have done ethics over multiple times but i dont seem to improve on that. Considering the time left, whats the best way to improve score on ethics? Even few more right answers in ethics would boost up my score.

in a similar situation with regard to ethics… most obvious solution seems to be to look at the ones you got wrong and see what the right answer was supposed to be (perhaps also read the relevant bit in the book), and try to remember that for next time

You will be able to pass it for sure. Good Luck. See you for Level 2 Exam in JUNE 2017 :slight_smile: