How is everyone scoring on practice exams?

b/w 67-74 on 3 book 6 exams…

book 6: exam 1 morning 67, exam 1 afternoon 68, exam 2 morning 75

I took my first one today and got a %50!!! But i got 9 out of 34 on the FSA/Corporate finance. SO there is plenty of room for improve. I’m not getting up until I have this ISH cold!!!

81 & 83 on 2 book 6 exams… 78 on CFAI… still have work to do!

Book 6 Exam I Am 72.5% Exam II AM 76% Exam II PM 74% Exam III AM 76% Exam III PM 76% CFAI Version 4- 68%. made some silly mistake and Shortage of time because I was copying the questions which took time and hence had to guess in last 6-7 questions else would have easily gotten around 75%

cfaboston8 could u pls send me an email at

Dude, I have hand written those question on paper…not copied on my computer…as when i tried the computer got stuck…so I didnt take the risk of losing 50 bucks:)

cpk123 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > cfaboston8 > > could u pls send me an email at You can pause the questions. Does it stop letting you do that at some point?

cfaboston- I hope you rock it! sounds like your scores are looking strong. keep it up.

Thanks Jamie…I hope so too. what r u doing on AF on Sunday evening?

slowly i’ve been trying to bring myself back to studying for L2- all i’ve done so far is quant which is not much of the exam. started FI today. it’s a slow crawl. you guys that pass L1 in dec might have an upper hand- less time for June’s L2, sure, but i’m seriously in no study mode and i’m sure you’re cruising right along. i don’t envy you guys right now in crunch time, but soon enough it’ll be over. i need someone to motivate me to start back up for more than an hour or 2 a week. so that all… and i’m a huge dork that just can’t quit AF?

Have been scoring in the mid 60s all the time… Any help or support here would be greatly appreciated. Any trick on how to remember the formulas? I was able to complete only 105 and 110 out of 120 in the first 2 practice test I took. Feel so miserable :frowning:

EXAM I AM: 87%! However, I did take 3hrs 15 over it, so knocking off 15 marks gives me a more realistic 74%. I did take about 15 minutes over one question because it was annoying me, and I wasn’t really worried about time. I just wanted to nail down the calculation to fix it in my head. (it was the NPV of the real estate investment question. I forgot about the interest the first time round!) I wouldn’t do that in an exam!! I think I got pretty lucky though, because most of my guesses came up nicely - I’m going to take the PM session tomorrow and limit myself to 3hrs, exam conditions to see how well I’m really doing. raghuram - It’s all about exam technique. Sometimes you just have to move on from questions and come back to them later, IF you have time. It’s better to answer 105 easier questions well, and (if necessary) guess the rest, than simply to churn through the first 105 questions, and end up guessing the last 15 that may actually be 15 easy marks! Give yourself a hard limit on how long you can take over a question, then move on.