I’m nervous scoring a 120 test at 80-81%. What % should I be shooting for on the Q-bank tests Am I screwed?? ughh

also, where do you get the CFA exams…are they just the sample ones they give you on the website? Does anyone recommend buying a $40 exam?

Any help??

Now what I think is that guys like you mostly exagerate with this stress thing !!.. 80% is a pretty damn good score buddy. Keep it up and don’t worry you will do good

Dude, I have no idea what to expect- I study hard but people (like the posts below) are saying the test it going to slap me and take away my manhood.

Qbank is not a valid indicator, but the volume 6 exams are. If you can complete each three hour exam on time, and score in the mid 70s you should do okay. After scoring yourself on each test, use Qbank to strengthen your weaknesses, and proceed on to the next test.

Volume 6 exams? I only have a volume 1 and volume 2 from Schweser

volume 1 - 3 exams volume 2 - 3 exams So six exams in total. That’s why he wrote ‘volume 6’ exams I don’t know whether you’ve read that thread or not, but everyone thinks volume 2 is just not worth doing - totally different from the actual exam, too many calculations and too few conceptual questions. Won’t help much and you’ll just get frustrated. And yes, from the CFAI you can buy only 2 sample exams for 40$ each. You’re fretting waaaay too much. You’ve put in more hours than anyone I know who has passed this test, and more than some guys have put in for the three levels overall. You should be just fine. Just do Schweser volume 1, the CFA mock and maybe the samples. Also keep re-reading Ethics and The 11th hour. I found the samples very useful, they helped me get a better grasp on the concepts, but I’m one of those who have not put in enough hours so you might feel very different about their worth than I did.