Scoring 80’s consistently, and then boom, I score 60 in this out of the blue Doom’s Day mock

Am gonna commit suicide. I’ll enter into my garage, close it, duct tape air openings, print all of my CFA materials, burn them all, all of them, including GIPS, knowing that this would offend the Grim Reaper.

I’ll miss you guys.

This or am gonna party from now till exam day like there’s no tomorrow. Things are getting arbitrary at this stage

No! Stay with us, it’s not so pointless, you may help the MPS next week!

Which mock? As I have one to look forward to this afternoon.

Yeah, do the garage thing, only after AM on saturday, for the rest of us.

LOL just kidding. You’ll be fine. You are very well prepared, and that last score is just a statistical outlier.

Chill the fuck out. The only thing that can make you fail the test is if you start doubting yourself.

Also, 60 is not even a sure fail, if you score 70+ on the other half of the exam.

Am have yet to even score 60 on a single mock. But getting there steadily though.

Yup, there’s a 1 in 8 chance that I’ll help in the MPS (@ 60); 7 in 8 that I’ll get you screwed (at mid 80’s)

It was 2011 MC Mock.

Overconfidence bias?!

that mock was the hardest of them i think. so far. havent done 2014 or 2015 yet.

Relax dude… This was an outlier