scoring around 65% - 70% can't get above

I’m scoring around 65 to 70% and i cant seem to get above the 75% mark!!! is anyone else in the same boat

Keep at it. You have three weeks to go.

I am on the same boat… My scores are ranging from 65% to 73%…

in the same boat. also have 1 more SS to cover today, before I do pure review. but I have no job, so I’m gonna review 24/7 after today. hopefully I can get there. I’ve done basically 2 mocks. One Schweser and one Elan. The Elan was way harder. It’s kind of unnerving.

Keep going - you folks are all on target to pass with scores like that. It’s supposed to be unnerving.

You guys have a good amount of time remaining. Work on your weak areas and you should be fine. Don’t be intimidated by those scoring higher than you on the practice tests. Three weeks is a long time to boost your scores by 10-15%.

thanks for the advice and encouragement!!!

My strategy the rest of the way is, take a mock exam, check every answer to make sure I understand it, then read over 11th hour again. Repeating this process over and over.

babycakes Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’m scoring around 65 to 70% and i cant seem to > get above the 75% mark!!! is anyone else in the > same boat If you can duplicate this performance come exam day you’ll be golden :slight_smile: Just focus on recalling key concepts, write them down, turn them into acronyms… Best of luck people! K

With three weeks to go, 65-70% is quite good. MPS has never been above 70%.

thanks everyone!!! i reallyy need to focus on the later sections. i.e. fixed income der. and alt. i seem to BOMB those sections

If you’re planning on reviewing with Eleventh Hour, my advice is to save that till the end. Eleventh Hour only reviews concepts you already know and doesn’t help you better understand the underlying processes. If you just go through Eleventh Hour and reaffirm things you already know, it might lull you into a false sense of security. I say review the curriculum one more time and make sure you’re solid on the fundamentals before switching to Eleventh Hour.

dont count on passing