Scotiia Capital

Any thoughts? On the S&T desks or the ER function. How do they rank up to TD and RBC?

Above TD, under RBC… Unless you’re a seasoned vet, I don’t think you can really differentiate S&T desk within the CAD banks.

i think all canadian banks are pretty equal. but i prefer TD. i like the green.

RBC is a bit ahead of the pack. From an entry-mid-level employee no bank is going to be that different.

Well from what I have heard, for M&A. RBC and CIBC are way ahead, and BMO as well too. RBC has the best training in S&T on the street, prolly the best research as well at their RBCDS. Bottom line they are elite/anal and have amazing training. I know scoita is very strong in derivatives and emerging markets. and TD Newcrest has some real stars.

How hard is it to get into one of those firms as ER assoc.?

Not hard at all if you just finished an MBA or have 2-5 years experience at another shop.

My friend just finished his MBA and he said its hard as heck to get in w/o connections. But maybe that’s just him.

But Turkish same could be said for buyside jobs. I bet even at your firm they are looking for similar stats.

Anyone know of the quality of U.S. operations (NY) for the major Canadian outfits?

They are all MM. CIBC is the most estalished. TD is trying to grow their M&A operation over there, TD is always trying to expand south and fails. RBC is a solid player, but they are also MM. I do not think BMO is growing south, I do know they are trying to expand in Europe. CIBC used to a solid MM player, but Enron and other things hurt thier US operations.

adehbone Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > > > I do not think BMO is growing south, I do know > they are trying to expand in Europe. > > lasalle??? harris???

I work for Scotia Finance and I can easily say that most of the recruiting here is done internally (compared to the other banks). So connections are definitely key.