Screen for potential LBO companies

Will appreciate it if someone can point out the criteria for judging if a company may be ripe for an LBO. For example, low D/E, high & steady cash flows, mature company etc. etc. If you can point out a web-based tool that lets you screen such companies, that would be great. I only have access to Bloomberg, and not to Factset. thanks,

Wow, I just had a flashback to June 07!

I think it was august… Yikes.

My apologies. Should have done a search first. Found at least part of my question answered through a search:,496982,496992#msg-496992,617897,page=1,608748,608748#msg-608748

Within Bloomberg, One can type EQS to set a filter for the companies.

nice discussion on the “Logic of LBO’s” thread…i remember that one,617897,page=1