screenshots on cfai sample/mock exams

is this really not allowed…even for personal use? cfasf1 i just saw your post about the “typo.” earlier today a guy at work said we weren’t allowed and cfai is cracking down. i thought it to be an urban legend. it’s true? wtf?

I highly doubt this is true. In fact, doing print screens of the MOCK exams were recommended to me by a freshly minted CFA charterholder, hahaha. He said that he actually saw a couple of questions show up from the mock on exam day. Neato.

when you sign in to take a sample exam, you have to check the agreement. if you took the time to read that agreement (i didn’t read it either) , it says you understand that screenprints are a violation of the standards. it’s like they start ethics on you before you even begin to take the test. but i don’t see how they would track that. i’m not a techie, so i have no idea. think it’s the honor system. we all know how that works out.