Screw it, I'm going out tonight

Enough is enough, CFA’s CFA but I gotta live, breath and be the social animal that a human being is.

Taking a day off from prep and chillout with my mates - will deal with cfa tomrw.

Will do the same! I think it’ll be even good for me, burnout is extreme and I need to rest.

Have next week off so should have time to give it all.

yeah I slept at 3 last night (not feeling stressed at all, I was actually quite happy tht I did some mocks) but when I woke up I had 0 energy. I mean I was sitting on my desk staring at an easy question on LIFO and thinking “…man, I can’t be bothered to solve this…”

So yeah, that’s when I decided - today’s an off day

I’m taking a bit of a break tomorrow – to watch the FA Cup final and meet up with friends – before the last push from Sunday and through next week. Off from work next week so 110% effort in the final days.

Definitely agree. I am going to a wedding tomorrow so it is a much needed break day. I’ll pick it back up Sunday and go hard til Thursday. Unfortunately it’s only 9am here so I still have a full day of this… whatever this is… ahead of me.

*viking chugs coffee*

I am going out tonight as well. I am very close to a burnout so I need a day off of this. I am off next week and will put 100% then.

It’s gotten to the point where I shut my phone off at 5pm and turn all the lights off in my house so nobody knows I’m home to avoid the temptation of going out … there’s help for people like me right?

In all seriousness I failed last year band 9 and I do not want that fail email to come again so I am doing everything I can to try and avoid that.

I’m entitling myself to a half day off CFA if I can get my next mock above 75%. Now that’s what I call motivation!

Amen to that. Plenty of chilling and relaxing starting on June 7. 'Til then I’m on my grind baby. I’m not failing this exam, period.

lets call it an official cfa prep holiday … i am joining this rebellion boys … cheers

Although tomorrow will be an “off day” from CFA studying for me, no doubt I will be dipping into the Q Bank for a quick 20-30 question quiz from time to time. It’s strangely addictive…

One of my buds majored in engineering. Back in college he would attend half his classes, perform shows at night (he was a rapper), and/or go out and drink heavily. He managed to get by on assignments with the minimal effort. By exam time, he would literally study for 4 days straight round the clock. Four years of this and the guy managed to graduate with a 4.1 GPA. He now works for the Canadian spatial agency…and still raps.

Of course - it’s important to go out and have some leisure time after a day of studying.

“day of studying” wtf, dont you have jobs?

^ Exactly - I wouldn’t be feeling like this if I wasn’t working. Student days were fun - oh boy do I miss uni right now.

+1 and still raps