Screw the 3/3 club, Who's in for the 3/4 club?!

Aiming to pass my L3 on 2nd attempt in 2012… So who is currently a 3/4 or aspiring to become one?

Band 10 on L3 in 2010. Was lucky enough to pass in 2011 to finish 3/4. I actually found that I was able to learn much more the second time around. I think it can be a blessing in disguise to fail one of the levels, as it allows you to use some of the tools and concepts more fully in your day to day work without focusing on the minutia that is tested on the exams. That being said, it would have been nice to finish 3/3 and not have to study another year!

Hah…was waiting for someone to start up this thread. Band 6 in 2010. Passed in 2011. It really helped that the curriculum 2011 vs. 2010 was virtually identical. I was one of the Schweser boosters, and was all-in with just using the study guides for all 3 levels. After failing level 3 in 2010, the 2 biggest adjustments: 1 - doing all CFAI EOC and Blue Box (I only did maybe 25% in 2010) 2 - actually looking at actual past exams (this was the biggest omission to 2010, and entirely unacceptable on my part) I never read the CFAI text, instead just re-read all my notes from 2010 and flipping through the guide. I spent probably 80% of my time doing questions/problems. I got obliterated on the AM in 2010, and did fairly well in 2011. I pretty much had the 2008-10 IPS questions memorized cold walking in to 2011. Level 3 is a beast!

Band 10 L2 in 2009.

3/4 here, and I agree with the potential “blessing in disguise” theory. I was band 10 last year, and when I started studying the second time around it shocked me how poorly I really understood some of the material. this time I felt as though I really got it, and was able to draw connections throughout the entire curriculum that I simply did not see last year. of course going 3/3 would be great and perhaps it’s just human nature to try to look for a silver lining, but I really do feel as though, in the end, I am better off having retaken it. it’s not just material I read to take a test; it’s stuff I can actually use, and know how to use it.

ill be in the 3/5 club band 10’d L1 once, passed L2 first shot, band FML L3 this year…

L1 - 2008 L2 - Gave it in 2009 3 days after my marriage.Failed Band 9. Marriage was a good excuse to give to my friends and relatives but actually I thought I was quite well prepared for the exam and still failed. Passed in 2010 L3 - 2011

L1-Passed December 08 L2-Passed June 09 L3-June 2010 (Fail Band 10) L3-Passed June 2011

I’m in the odd year club too. L1 - Passed December 07 L2 - Passed June 09 L3 - Failed June 10 (Band 6) L3 - Passed June 11 Probably should have skipped 2010!

wacc_attack Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > L1-Passed December 08 > L2-Passed June 09 > L3-June 2010 (Fail Band 10) > L3-Passed June 2011 wow, this is me too exactly. every detail. freaky. you’re my CFA soulmate.

Band 10 in the '08 Dec Level 1. A good swift kick in the pants was what I needed. Went 3/3 after that.

Dec 09 L1 pass June 10 L2 pass June 11 L3 faile band 10 here’s to 3/4. Life can’t suck any worse right?

Level 1 - Dec 08 Pass Level 2 - June 10 Pass Level 3 - June 11 Fail I dont care if I pass this year or not. I’m in this for me.

Odd years were the charm: 2006 (Dec): Level I (pre-band) fail 2007 (Dec): Level I pass 2009: Level II pass 2011: Level III pass Seriously… what really helped was using the extra time during an off-year to prepare. Used CFAI material only.

3/6 club… ha. dec 2006: L1 sat for AM portion but skipped PM because I wasn’t ready jun 2007: Passed L1 jun 2008: failed L2 Band 10 jun 2009: Passed L2 jun 2010: failed L2 Band 10 jun 2011: Passed L3 Having gone through everything twice, I REALLY know the curriculum well…

programmer Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > jun 2009: Passed L2 > jun 2010: failed L2 Band 10 must have sucked to fail level 2 after having already passed it :slight_smile:

haha typo… i meant i failed L3.

programmer Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > haha typo… i meant i failed L3. I could never believe you failed. You were always a shoe in to pass.

Boarding. @mymkovski How many hours did you put in the second try?

thumbs up for this “we are not that good but neither are we losers” post ;-)) L1 2008 L2 2009 (Band 9 or so) and 2010 L3 2011 After having passed L1 too easy I thought L2 would be quite an easy go, too. Boy was I wrong… Anyhow, congrats to all 3/3ers! Just the fact you passed them in all a row means you deserved it.