Screw the Schweser readings and Screw Book 7

Based on the posts that I’ve been reading, it seems that Book 6 and the mock CFA exams are the best representations of what we’ll be up against next Saturday. I just took the first exam in Book 7 and scored 60%. For the next 2-3 days I’m gonna finish all the chapter problems in the CFA books, and then go hard on the Book 6 and mock CFA exams. The Schweser readings were great for getting my feet wet and acclimating myself to all the material in a shorter amount of time, but it sucks if you want to have a deeper understanding of the concepts (especially derivatives).

Relax!!! I got my @SS handed to me on Vol2/Book 7 but I don’t hold the same resentment as most people on AF. The wording sucks and each exam is possibly the worst 3 hours of your life but I’m taking the perspective of Vol2 very well could be a worst case scenario on June 7th. So I’m taking my lumps and reviewing each exam 1-2 times to make sure I understand every concept and won’t make the same mistakes twice. My bet is juggling between Vol 1, Vol 2, & the CFAI mock exam will provide the most well rounded view of what reality will be on June 7th. I know it’s already been mentioned but “we’re talking about practice”

What did you guys score on the 06 exam? Actually, how much of a difference in score did you see from the 06 exam to exam 1 of book 7.

I got 66/96 [68%] with 1/6 on the Porter Q’s and 1/6 on PM. Funny - now that I look at both scores I was weak on these sections on Vol 2 test 1 as well. *tosses practice exam book across room. Wife and dog leave room* I was also a little shaky on Fixed and Deriv. I found the 2006 CFA Q’s to be in between Vol 1 and 2 for difficulty. Going to finish out the next 3 hours with FSA. Later.

Porter I was 2/6. I wrote on my answer sheet fu&%ed by that set of questions. Sure enough, I was.