Scribble/doing calculations/making notes and such during the exam


just read through the various Do’s and Don’ts of the exam.

I know we are allowed to write/scribble formulas and calculations onto some kind of paper, but which one? And which one not?


You’re referring to after the exam starts right? In that case, it’s probably the question paper or maybe they’ll provide some paper for working…

That’s right, just after the start of the exam or during exam. Will there be some paper to work on, take notes, make calculations and such things.

What I remember from the checklist is that we are not to write anything on the ticket.

There will be no scratch paper to be provided so we have to scribble our calculations on the sides or margins of the question papers.

Ah, that sucks.

I believe that there are blank pages in the exam booklet for scratch paper.

Just reread the exam policies and yeah, that’s right. There will not be scratch paper, but … quote from the CFA Testing policies: Scratch paper:

“You are permitted to do scratch work in the exam book on question pages or blank pages.”

Good luck everyone.