Scweser Practice Exam Book Is Hard!!

anyone else having difficulty with the Schweser practice exam book? I find myself being able to answer about 50% of them. They are very difficult and take a lot of time. A lot of the problems I’m doing open book. What’s the best method going forward to tie everything together. Seems like schweser does everything in their power to trick you. Who else is struggling through the practice exam book?

Book 1 was straightforward but word on the forum is book 2 is BRUTAL, stick with the CFAI samples/mock, hopefully they will boost ur confidence and provide a better guage of score

I agree. The volume 1 exams seemed fairly easy. The volume 2 exams seem extremely difficult.

yeah, I’m finding they are pretty brutal

I just performed dismally on the AM section of Book 1, Exam 1. I’m a Band 10 retaker by the way, so maybe you’re not in such a bad spot!

I feel Mock exam is much easier compared to Scweser Practice Exams