Searching job

My Profile:

Non-US, International student with some lame English language.

Age: 25

Experience: 1+ in finance, mostly reporting

Education: BBA, MBA in progress. both from non-target (shi**y) schools

Current position: Intern in Fund of Funds

Need to find a full-time job. Applied to numerous positions. I guess with my background, companies will not consider me. Unfortunately, my company does not hire interns. Can you suggest how can I approach job search? Thinking of becoming a member of local CFA Society to attend meetings and network, but with my personality, English, and communication skills it’ll be hard.

We are in similar situations. The thing is big companies have fancy requirements especially with the university *roll eyes*. Try applying for small, start up companies.

In start-ups requirements is way higher than in big companies, because they want preofessionals right away.

Apply for jobs with work experience requirement of 1-2 years. There are many small companies that would take you. Just keep applying incessantly. Take whatever you get and work your way up.

"…but with my personality, English, and communication skills it’ll be hard. " Blending in will help because it gives them comfort that you’re not only smart and can do the work, but also someone they can hang out with at work. Work is not just about building models and finishing deliverables - you’re going to spend more than half your day with these people and you’ll need to find a way to blend in and talk/look like them.

What’s wrong with your personality? You can work on the English and communication. No one truly cares about what school you got your degree from as long as you can prove you’ll add value (and as long as you’re not from some online degree-farm). I’m from a state school and I work for a firm that mostly hires Ivy league grads.


Yea I agree that you don’t have a good personality, but other than that, good luck with your job search.

Yeah? you know me very well right, ain’t you one of my ex-girlfriends that I hurt? Sorry for that one-night stand…

Yea from interacting with you here, it is obvious that you are a very insecure person lol I find it difficult to believe that you ever had GF to begin with. Plus you are the one who admitted that you have personality issue, so why so mad when somebody confirmed it?

lmao, you confirmed??? You probably keep confirming whatever people say to you without even knowing them. Easily-manipulated person. Now pls be a good girl and leave this thread if you don’t have anything to add related to the title.

You made assumptions about my CFA progress, assuming that I failed my exam several times, and shamed me for it, when you don’t know me, and don’t have any idea who I am, whether I did attempt the exam regularly or not (just because I’ve been here for four years, doesn’t mean that I was regularly attempting the exam every year!), how demanding my job is (obviously passing is so freaking easy when you are pretty much jobless and all you have to do is study!) etc… etc… So I can tell that you are a judgemental person, pretty insecure, and over compensate by bragging about you CFA results lol. That’s NOT a good personality, you need some help.

Now my job here is done :slight_smile: Good luck with your job search, understand well that communication skills and a good personality often beat paper qualifications in today’s work environment , so work on that!

Well… that escalated quickly.

OP: have you thought about applying for operations, compliance, or other back office jobs?

Right now I’m applying to any possible position, and thinking that can transfer to front office later within a firm.

OMG, it turned out that my words hurt someone’s heart really bad lol. I don’t even remember that. How are you even working in finance, if you get touched by simple things?