Seasonally adjusted model

pleaseeeeee somebody share their two cents !!! Which of the following is a seasonally adjusted model? A) (Salest - Sales t-1)= b0 + b1 (Sales t-1 - Sales t-2) + b2 (Sales t-4 - Sales t-5) + åt. B) Salest = b0 + b1 Sales t-1 + b2 Sales t-2 + åt. C) Salest = b0 + b1 åt-1. D) Salest = b1 Sales t-1+ åt. The correct answer was A. This model is a seasonal AR with first differencing.

heeralm - what’s your doubt here? The answer is soooo A, I did not even read the other options.

omg at the end of all quant !! a wrong copy