Seattle/Vancouver Trip

Heading out to Seattle in January for a company visit. I’m gunna go see them on a Friday so I can explore Seattle after and then catch a seaplane up to Vancouver for Saturday then head back to NYC Sunday. Any recommendations for either cities? Thx.

I’m from Seattle. Assuming the weather cooperates, which isn’t a given, it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world IMO, and possibly the most beautiful in the U.S. That said, it’s pretty crappy in December. Depends on what you like to do, but here are a few suggestions of popular things to do and places to go in Seattle: - Pike Place Market is a good tourist spot and an historic Seattle landmark - Seattle Metropolitan Art Museum always has good exhibits - Seattle Aquarium and the water front area in general is a good place to kill time - If you want to drink, go to Belltown (pretty close to the waterfront) on Saturday night (any number of good spots with good looking women) - Pacific Place is a good shopping mall, also downtown - Chinatown is pretty cool, but much smaller than SF if you’re familiar with that CT (although still many good places to eat in Seattle CT if you like Chinese food). There’s a cool Japanese retail store (technically CT is called the “International District” but it’s pretty much all Chinese) there called Uwaijmaya if you like international shopping. - Could check out the Space Needle if you want to do the tourist thing (and/or hit up the Experience Music Project, which is a music museum near the S.N.). I am less familiar with Vancouver, as I’ve really only been there for drinking prior to turning 21 and passing through to ski at Whistler. It seems similar to Seattle, but possibly with better bars. The Gas Light district is pretty cool.

Thx Bromion. Heading home now from Vanc. I did a few touristy things while in Seattle. Top of SN had a good view. Went to the museum next door; there was a battlestar gallactica exhibition, which was pretty sweet. Went to some seafood restaurant afterwards and had a few of the local brews (don’t remember the names now, but some pale ales). Vancouver was ridiculous. First night, I didn’t really do much, just had some ramen and explored the city on foot (only takes 20min to really get from one end to the other). Went to Whistler the next day. Snowboarding was the best I’ve had except when I was in Japan. Blackcomb/whistler has some really great bowls at the top, so its just wide open places to go down with tons of powder. It can get really steep in some places, but the powder makes it manageable. The worst part was having to go through the greens, which were really flat, to get to the lifts. Went to a good seafood place last night: bluewater cafe. I’d recommend that if anyone goes to Vanc. Met some couple at the bar and ended up hanging out with them and a couple of the restaurant chefs afterwards. Had a major cougar attack me at the bar; she was completely wasted. The chefs got her to go away though, thankfully. Def. def. recommend Vancouver if you have the chance to go.