Sec internship- just got contacted about this gig.

Toph, well chill this summer! Insights? * The Office of Broker-Dealer Examinations is responsible for examining the approximately 6,900 broker-dealers in the United States. The group consists of attorneys, accountants, MBAs, and former industry professionals. The Office strives to ensure that broker-dealers comply with the federal securities laws, with a particular emphasis on the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Broker-dealers may deal directly with the investing public and may sell a variety of different products. Through investigation of tips and complaints, routine and special risk-targeted examinations and monitoring industry trends and developments, the Office works to assess whether broker-dealers are upholding their duties to the investing public

SEC Bank Examiners are paid pretty well. Might be a good full time gig.

littel off-topic but my mom did some contract work going to close out banks, shut them down, sell them etc. I think it was actually through a private company and not govt entity, but the atmosphere was the same as govt. At one point someone asked her to take more time on stuff because they had planned for this gig to go two weeks. Pay was pretty good (most of the people were relatively senior), I think anywhere from 65-120 an hr. Think the work was decent though…

SEC? Ew…

Sounds like an auditing job.

Am I mistaken to think exit ops for the SEC are good? I thought a job in regulation would prepare one well moving forward.

If you want to be an auditor, it might be good to have worked for the SEC.

Or in compliance advisory and the likes. Not my cup of tea.

You can spot Ponzi schemes and collect your cut from them to avoid prison.

I have a phone interview for this position next Tuesday. Has anyone interviewed with the SEC that can comment? I’m 99% sure this is how I landed the chance to interview.

SEC is increasing its pay. Factor in the other benefit of federal employment and it sounds great