Second FI vignette on CFAI mock?

The second to last vignette in the AM is clearly Fixed Income…which is the other one? I only count 1, and the weight is 10-20%.

yeah, i think you’re right… there was one set in the PM section where you had to use a binomial model but im pretty sure that was a derivatives vignette

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

The one you referenced (Lawrence Case Scenario) is derivs.

Did CFAI put 1 FI vignette on the mock? Man, it’d be cruel if they did that and then gave us 3 or 4 FI vignettes on the 6th.

its possible that the actual exam will feature vingettes that are a mix or ambiguous… example would be valuation of real estate project or corporate governance within an “equity” set… or a econ fx calculation in a problem that is FRA multinational operations.

still seems weird that FI so thin on the mock

Anyone else have thoughts?