Second Reading Strategy (Appreciate a feedback from S2000 magician)

Dear Level three candidates/Mr. S2000 Magician,

I have been an active reader of this valuable site for a substantial time and never wrote or commented. My account is just new.

I passed CFA levels 1 and 2 in June 2015 and June 2016, respectively.

My strategy was to do TWO intense readings from Schweser notes (along the exercises–also twice) and do on average 4 mocks from Schweser along the CFA mock exam. Surely, I took notes enough during these levels. For level 1, I started in late January while for level 2 I started in October 01.

I had some advises from few friends to study the material of level three from the CFA books, and I executed this strategy since November 1, 2016. My feedback is that although the material in the CFA books is quite long, it is worthwhile and they really give you the theme of each reading from A to Z.

As of the time of this writing, I managed to finish Behavioral Finance, Individual and Institutional wealth management, Economics, Asset Allocation, Fixed income and Equity, and Alternative investments. Therefore, I am left with Risk Management, Derivatives (the bulk of book 5) and the last book ie no 6 (performance evaluation and GIPS). I am reading three to four pages daily of the ethics books in parallel so hope by end of February I will be done with it.

If it will take me another one month or a month and a half to finish the remaining topics from CFA books (which is extremely nicely written), how would I manage to make a second reading? Do you recommend the second reading from a totally different source that is more digest yet beneficial–surely will do EOC of CFA again along with topic tests and mocks (last month).

But for now, what do you think? Shall I proceed with CFA books or I am squeezed in time and should shift to another third party provider? Or, the second reading shall be from another digested source?

I manage to study almost two hours daily in week days, and in weekends, around 10-12 hours (5-6 per day)–Almost no exceptions.

Thank you for your feedbacks.

You should know S2000magician does not tend to this type of questions. Even if he does he doesn’t.

S2000 will answer any question if you paypal him enough


I absolutely do not agree with you. I have been a regular reader on this site for two years and I noticed that S2000 Magician is supremely helpful to all users.


Don’t listen 'em. If you build it, he will come.

Apart from S2000, you’ve forgotten to direct your inquiry to a key group of people that are probably “best qualified” to answer the question. (Hint: it’s not CFA LIII candidates…)


I appreciate any feedback/recommendation from anyone, whether a current candidate or someone who already passed the test. No worries for that.

All what I aim for is to seek advise and help at this point in time.


My thoughts are do what works best with your learning style.

The other thing is that level 3 is less reading and more application.

For what works best for me would have been practice combined with reading with at least one month left for mock exams and more practice problems.

However do what works best for you.

I strongly encourage you to write note cards as you read. Don’t type the information on your computer; write them out on 3 × 5 cards, longhand.

Then throw the cards away.

When you reread the material, rewrite the cards. Then throw them away.

If you can do it a third time, all the better.

Take my word for it, this will cement the information into your brain much better than reading alone.

Thank you all for your comments!

Special thanks to S2000 magician.

I really didn’t do much, but you’re quite welcome.

Also, study at different locations and at varying times. It helps with retaining info in ur long-term memory.

Good luck.