Secondary market for Schweser notes ?

Is there such a thing ?

My intuition would lead me to believe it severly dries up after L2 or 3 exam, with the turn over in material and LOS.

Seasonal demand and Supply

a good secondary is available… check eBay

after i find out results i’ll be putting mine on ebay for sure. can’t hurt. they’re worth $0 to be so if someone even offers me $1 plus shipping, i’m ahead (of course, i’ll sell them for $250, why not!)

I will probably get rid of schweser but i am keeping CFAI

really - opposite for me - i’ll tossing CFAI and keeping schweser cuz if i fail i’ll get the new CFAI books again next year…CSK - what are you thinking - i’m curious?

if i fail i will get set of new schweser and cfai regardless… but if i fail i will have ALOT more problems then this, as my entire plan for the next 5 years will be shifted because of that. CFAI is a good reference material though, will dust on the shelf alongside Hull :slight_smile:

CSK, what’s your plan for the next 5 years?

why would anyone want to buy this POS?