Secret Sauce 2012 for 2013

What’s the risk?

Not much risk to be honest. There has been next to no changes in the curriculum this year.

The only worry about the SS or 11th Hour is that they will miss out the new chapter introduced to Fixed Income this year. Apart from that though it’s still a great study tool!

@capaldij :

Why is it a great tool? Please share the outcome of using it.

I’ve received my 2013 SS lately but I don’t think I’m going to have the time to read it. Is it going to be worth sacrificing some practice question time for? Should I change my last month revision plan to provide for it?

Please share your opinions about how important and useful the SS book is.

Thanks all

SS is just good for reading over topics again if you don’t have time for looking through the books. I used SS for December to learn the Alternative investments part of curriculum because I didn’t have time to read the books and got above 70% in that section. It’s just great if you’re pressed for time.

During your review if you find that you are answering certain questions wrong you can go look at the SS and see what the concept is to trigger your memory from when you first read it and did practice questions. I found this out too late last time, but this in tandem with looking at the answer to any practice questions I got wrong would often help me remeber how to get the answers.