Secret Sauce & Audio CDs?

Had an L3 class lecturer w/out a stake in the game recommend purchasing the secret sauce book and audio CD’s. W/ 28 days left, and quite a few exams to go through, would this be worth while? I never bought secret sauce for levels 1 or 2, but this person swears by it. The audio CD’s probably won’t help much for big stuff, but I bet they could be helpful w/ all the lists, and the ethics/gips stuff that you need to know. Does anyone have any insight as to whether the audio lectures are worth $180?

I have audio CDs and they are extremely useful. The best part is that you can get the best use of your time while driving.

thanx for the info…does anyone else use these?

Never used secret sauce before, but I have it this time, and it’s a great summary. Keeping it in my bathroom!

Very useful tool assuming you already have a good understanding of the readings. It will help you avoid forgetting something simple.

I bought the mp3’s, and have been listening to them while driving and working out. Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep my mind from wandering, but I am nonetheless finding them to be useful.

The CD’s are good for your commute. I never liked the secret sauce though… I’ve always prefered using my own marked up study notes as a better tool for quick review. Neither are a substitute for the practice exams though (if you haven’t already taken them). Spending time reading summary level material at the expense of practice exams would be a big mistake IMO.