Secret Sauce Exam Breakdown

Anyone else notice Schweser weighted Private Wealth Management as up to 30% weighting in Secret Sauce? This 30% range is way higher than every other Schweser weighting. I am considering using the Schweser Secret Sauce topic weights to determine approximate amounts on how much time I should devote to each topic with only this limited time left. Any thoughts on whether or not this would be the most efficient use of my time? CFAI weights are way too vague.

I saw that as well. 1st prize would be to get everything done as best you can, but if you are running out of time mastering SS4&5 should increase your chances greatly. Goodluck

with that said… be careful as sections such as ss8 and ss6 pop up in ss4 as well. All this crap is linked mate.

I think it’s a huge mistake to try to “game” this test. You have to master all the material. There’s plenty of time to do that! Good luck!