Secret Sauce - How much does it change?

I have the 2007 Secret Sauce. Will 2008 change that much, or can I save the $80-100?

I sort of felt it didn’t provide anything more than the end-of-chapter summaries did, and many times much less. So it’s not worth the $$ the first time around, let alone the second.

I felt it was useful for Level 2. Useful is each his own I guess I am more worried I am paying $70 when I already have last yr version which very well might be identical.

Basically how much will secret sauce change? The Level 3 curriculum has changed by about 35%. A total of 15 readings are either new or have been substantially revised, and 22 readings from 2007 have been dropped entirely. In addition, the topic weightings have changed significantly. Economics is now a part of Portfolio Management, and Quantitative Methods has been removed. LOS dropped 173 LOS added 57 LOS Reworded 100+

I used the sauce 05 for 07 exam and everything in there was in the curriculum. Now if they decide to change it just for the hell of it then you shouldn’t really care if you are using current note/curriculum.

Did you pass sims?

I found the Secret Sauce to be completely useless… for all three levels. I would keep buying it thinking it would be better, but no…

I liked it for level 1 and 2… It kept things fresh in my mind and I did not have to worry about carrying the books with me (for all the end of chapter summaries… Although it does not add anything, per se, it is packaged quite well. But to each his own, I guess. I know it does not answer the OPs question. I would probably stick with the old version of Secret Sauce if I had an option.