Secret Sauce - is it out?

I haven’t received Secret Sauce yet but just looked on the Schweser website that says it should be out.

Have you guys received it yet? If so, how long ago did you guys get it?

I received mine almost a month ago, man.

If you’ve decent notes of your own, I doubt it’ll help. But if were counting on it, then get it ASAP. Call them and ask them to overnight that shit!


I just sent them a message.

Thinking I should maybe just cancel the order though and get Elan 11th hour guide. I’ve heard it’s better and I can download it via the site today instead of waiting for it through the mail from the US.

Weak sauce!

Secret sauce is pretty poor. seems very fluffy.

Agreed. It seems to be a cut down version of the schweser notes. Tried the combo is L1, didn’t work out very well. I managed to still pass but wasn’t very happy. Switched to Elan this year.

Agreed with some of the others - secret sauce is a good way to wrap things up; more like a quick read a week or two before the test, whereas Elan (atleast for L1), was a really good, detailed summary of everything, so you could still get information w/o having to really open all the text/curriculum. However, since I have the full FQ notes + smart summaries, I’m just planning to use those when I hit review mode…