secret sauce - march 09 (worthwhile for L3)

i looked into secret sauce for level 3 and schweser seems to say that it’s available in March 2009… is that correct? seems really late also, is it worthwhile for level 3? i understand that level 3 isn’t as much hard-core analysis. EDIT: FWIW, i think a secret sauce for level 2 ethics would have great. thanks in advance!!!

I used secret sauce for level II and think it was worthwhile. I think it was availabe late Mar early Apr last year as well. I guess because it should be used as a final review anyway. I plan on getting it for level III. Don’t understand your edit. There was a review for ethics in level II secret sauce.

i just meant that level 3 is more qualitative and i think it would be good for qualitative stuff… i didn’t mean that there wasn’t a secret sauce for ethics? admittedly it was unclear by me. is secret sauce good for qualitative? or is mostly quantitative it’s good for? thanks!!