Secret Sauce or 11th Hr or Schweser Final Review

Any thoughts?

I got both. I originally bought the Secret Sauce because it was referred to by a friend… and it came with flash cards that I really didn’t use. Then I bought the 11th hour guide because it came with three mocks… I liked the secret sauce… very condensed, but not very detailed. However, great small book you can carry almost anywhere… took it with me everywhere. 11th hour is more detailed and bigger. I don’t think you need both, but if you can work out a deal where you can get the secret sauce and the mocks do it, but I couldnt find one like that. The mocks are the key in my opinion but i did read the entire secret sauce again before the exam and looked at it some during the break. Hope that helps.

Thank you. Maybe I can purchase a pre-owned Secret Sauce. I’ll take a look at the mock exams.