Secret Sauce or Problems?

In the last day before this monstrocity, I was wondering people’s thoughts about final review…or re-learning some of the glanced over topics. Are people going to just plus away at problems, or do you think a general over view (like the secret sauce book from Schweser) would be a good option. I think my brain is full

Can you do both? Questions when you’re at the desk and Secret Sauce reading while you’re on the toilet.

I’m mixing in both. btw - sweet last name.

I get the ozzy thing a lot

I just had a 20 min freak out where I couldn’t remember anything. No formulas, temporal vs current, the entire quant section…It’s all in there, I just hope it comes to the frontal lobe on saturday. I got smoked on CFAI mock1, (61)

i always say sauce. 1st b/c if you get a bunch of ?s wrong you’ll get frustrated. 2nd b/c sauce will hit all the biggies…never know what random sampling of ?s you may get.

I did problems all day today and yesterday, and will do FSA and equity tomorrow. Friday is all secret sauce with a few key problems. Right now I’m totally exhausted from doing all these problems. I don’t really know what else to do at this point.

i am writing out small lists of things that i think are either highly “testable” (yes, i know, pretty much everything) or areas i am specifically weak (pretty much everything also!!), then going over previous exam problems/solutions just to get the mechanics clear and follow thru the logic. i have read thru the sauce, the quicksheet so many times, i find my eyes glaze. re-doing old questions doesnt seem to help, hence doing “walkthrus”…