Secret Sauce/Pre-Printed LOS Cards

All, I just received my Secret Sauce in the mail today! It appears that a lot of it is obviously review. I have read all the material and highlighted and added additional “important” (in my mind) to the LOS cards. Now that I have the Secret Sauce book, does anyone have a good idea how to incorporate the Secret Sauce book with reviewing the LOS cards?

Hi Soxboys21, Do you recommend the Secret Sauce? How does it compare to the Schweser study notes? thanks in advance

I just got it today and BRIEFLY skimmed through it. It’s 200 pages long and seems to outline the main points. I’ll compare it the LOS cards shortly and get back to you…

Hi All, The secret sauce is off good help while revising the concepts but dont rely on it too much. Soxboys can you please forward me secret sauce? My email address is Thanks&Regards Aalok.

I received a hard copy…not PDF…

I ordered my copy yesterday… hope it wasnt a waste of 70 bucks

Looks helpful! Instead of carrying around 400+ LOS cards, you can carry one Secret Sauce and review wherever you are!

topher, how come you paid $70, it costs $99 on Schweser website. any discount?

I paid $70 for mine through the Schweser package…

nogiveup, If you buy one of their packages, you can get a discount on additional products. But you have to order through telephone I believe.

thanks guys. I just called and ordered one for 70, but the tax and handling charges are quite higher, ended up paying 85…Hope it is helpful.

Secret sauce is very good in my opinion. Paid 120 USD for getting in the UK. S

if anyone can send me the pdf version of the secret sauce I would really apreciate.

there is no free lunch to earn your CFA Charter. go and pay for it, my friend!

is it way different to the 2007 version? i’ve got a copy of the 2007 secret sauce and was planning to just use that one…but if it’s different than i might have to get the 2008!

since there are major changes from 2007 to 2008, u should buy the new one. For the basic concept, they might not be on the secret sauce since Schweser tried to put down the major and difficult LOS on it only.