secret sauce - worth it 2 days before exam time?

worth the $100 to buy the online version 2 days before the exam?

In my opinion no, it’s good for quick reviewing of basic concepts, but you aren’t going to get any points by studying the sauce. Maybe if you can print it out, I’m bringing it to flip through in between testing sessions. T/G

I’d print out a list of all the LOS’ and dive into the ones you are not comfortable with.

i m thinking to print them out and study it during the lunch break

I think that even for a few hours, it’s worth using it…

I love the sauce, but I highly recommend having it early in your studies. It allows you to see the material from a distance, giving you the big picture. Which is how the CFA is starting to test.

Not sure it will do you much good at this point. Last year I used the “Key Concept” pages at the end of each chapter of the Schweser notes. Worked pretty well for me, you might want to give those a look instead.

careful coops, you’ll get the boot for something like that.