Secret Sauce?

Anyone went through it yet?

How long did it take to read the whole thing once if you don’t consider reading the books or other notes while going through it?

Probbaly wouldn’t be a bad idea to do it asap to see where the weak points are.

I guess nobody is reading it or haven’t read it yet…

Going to give it a shot tomorrow.

You can spend the last 3-days or a week at maximum… I didn’t use entirely for all the 3 Levels… I read from concept checkers from Schweser and summary end of chapter reading in CFAI (Last 6 days in precise), each day i go over a book…

I used it extensively at Level 2 and thought it helped a lot. I have used it as a way to review over the past couple 2 weeks. I would at least take a few hours to breeze through it for some areas that you might be weak in.

Going to try to devote one full day to it. Hopefully there won’t be too many topics that I can’t remember.

Read it on a 7 hour round trip flight. Took ~6 hours. It helps point out where you are weak. You really cannot learn from it, but it is a good reminder for many areas. I pick it up and read some when I am tired of whatever I am doing (reviewing mocks, reading my own notes, EOC, BBs, whatever it may be).

used Secret Sauce for all three levels doing review. I read each section and review BBs and EOCs for that section right after. It helped a lot with retention.