Secret Sauce

Anyone using the Secret Sauce and is it worth it?

Yes - I am. Its nice to follow along as I go through the CFA books again - it provides a pretty high level summary. If you have read the material and are trying to close gaps - it great!

I’m using it too -Great review material and you can carry with you everywhere …its perfect for these last few weeks when you just want to brush up on something

good commute read, and high-point coverage, but not a serious study aid…

i like it. hits the main points and you can read fairly quickly. i really like the schweser quick sheet too.

I like it as well. You can read it over like 3 times in the last few weeks so you have an idea of each concept, and then supplement further with notes on those areas you may have forgotten about. I think the GIPS section in particular is very helpful.

Wish they had a cheaper version of it available… seems a little pricey…

Schweser r u listening? Reduce the price of this thing to $20-40 and see how much money u can make. I won’t mind spending $30 bucks just to skim with 2.5 weeks to go.

It is a pretty good review tool, I agree it is a little pricey, but you have to ask yourself would you rather spend the extra $150 this year and pass the exam, or save the money and put yourself through this again next year? If you feel you are pretty close, I think this will really help put you over the edge.

I agree - i think its only like $99 or something… I bought the hardcopy - ebooks blow! I cant read shiznit on the computer…

ebooks don’t allow you to print all the pages do they? it’s 1 page at a time from what I hear which sucks… wish they had a cheaper PDF version.

you cant print it and you have to have it on one computer - i havent downloaded it yet - have the hard copy