Secret sauce

I know this might seem like a dumb question to ask, especially after I’ve just taken the exam, but what is the secret sauce! Who knows, I might need it for June… PS I’m knew here

No worries pal. Good thing you asked after the exam as you would probably have been beraided with insults before the exam. The Secret Sauce is a small ~200 page book produced by Schweser that is meant to cover all the main topics that the CFA will likely test. It is a great reference tool while you are reviewing and I would almost call it a must read the day before the exam. It costs about $100. Best of luck to you as you begin studying.

Thanks :slight_smile: Why would I get insulted for not knowing what it is though?

Well, let’s just say most of us are extremely ‘emotional’ days before the exam. By emotional I mean stressed, crabby, angry, worried, and nervous all wrapped into one. I could only imagine the replies had a question popped up about Schweser.

Yeah, I tend to ask a lot of questions on these boards and I steered clear of here entirely for the past few days to avoid insults and namecalling :stuck_out_tongue:

I couldn’t sleep for all of last week and I come on here to see people posting “Taking test in June 09, do u think I have enough time to study”?? I wanted to kill those people.

So much for the board rules! :stuck_out_tongue: