Secret Sauce

I recall reading that Secret Sauce would be available in March sometime. Any word on when they’ll be shipping them out? Anyone get theirs already?

I’m patiently waiting. Secret Sauce was my life for Level 1… I took that book everywhere with me.

No idea, I’m waiting for mine (in the UK), they’ve got another 29-days to ship it yet. It’s gonna be a long wait. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. Didn’t get one for L1 though so I’m waiting impatiently.

mine just got shipped today… fyi.

cpk123: How did you find out yours was shipped?

exactly what i was going to ask cpk123

got an email from Schweser…

I plan on buying it but don’t plan on reading it until the last week or two.

I just got notified that it is in the mail.

I got mine today. Flipped through the pages a bit and it seems at least one new topics is not there (e.g. Liquidity Conundrum). Aside from that everything looks up to date.