Secret Sauce

Due to work I haven’t had the time to study as much I wanted to, therefore, I’m starting to feel the pressure. Big time! As such, I feel like the Secret Sauce could be a good option to at least make sure I know all the fundamentals going into the exam. However, I haven’t used it previously as I was in a lot better shape for Level 1 and 2. For people that have used it, is it worth spending 100 bucks on? And of course, I’m still aiming to get through all the study notes and do some practice exams before test date but I don’t think I will have time to do a thorough review. That’s where the secret sauce would come in. Thanks for your help, M,928915

Thanks, however, I did see that one but would like a little more input. There are only 2 responses relating to secret sauce in that thread and the responses are not very elaborating. Thanks though

haven’t bought it yet…used it for LI and LII and i think it is an excellent tool for a quick review. Especially in the last one week you will not have the time to go through all books and all notes made from past exams. the sauce comes in very handy at that point.

yes, i do think it is worth the 100 bucks. it has all the formulas you need and goes over the concepts pretty well. I will say, however, i think it is not as helpful at level 3 as it for levels 1 and 2 because I think the test is more qualitative. for example, i’m not sure how helpful the secret sauce would be in helping you put an ips together… shortcomings and all, i’d still pay 100 for it.

I bought Secret Sauce. It’s pretty good overall with a few exceptions. Macro-attribution is not covered well and there are lots of typos.

I got it a few weeks ago and I’m not very impressed. I already went through CFAI text and the Schweser notes, highlighting and marking the sh!t out of everything as I went. It seems like I get more out of re-reading my original schweser notes then diving into the Secret sauce which is just a abbreviated rehash of the material. At this point I know the material pretty well and it doesn’t feel like I am really getting anything additional out of the Secret Sauce when I read it because it is so condensed and only focuses on the basics. I think I get more out of re-reads through the Schweser notes and even CFAI text (it seems like I pick up more stuff that I missed first read). Still, if you are just getting started I imagine that the secret sauce will bring you up to speed faster than going through the text.

Thanks for the input guys

In taking Level 1 and Level 2, I felt the Secret Sauce was a good reread a couple of times in the period right before the exam. read through it in about 2 hours a week before and the day before the exam…nice review prior to taking the mock exam

Done with first read through of Secret Sauce. It’s decent.

it’s now $70 on the Schw website. how many pages is it anyway?

300+ pages

ai! ok thanks

Wow, 300 pages, that’s still a lot

I bought the Secret Sauce in end March and I think it is a lot better than flash card. Here’s my comparative analysis (range of 1 to 10): flash card: 1 secret sauce: 8 Just need to top up with some reading from schweser and/or CFAI for the shortfall risk.

There’s 310 pages in the book, but only 260 pages are relevant to the exam material. There’s 50 some pages worth of exam strategies, index, ect… It’s worth purchasing I think. It’s very summarized, but if you spend time with it you can get an excellent grip on the basics and build from there. All of the important formula’s and little tables like the advantages and disadvantages of whatever the LOS’s are asking are in there. I take it to work with me every day and slip in a couple of minutes to take a peek at certain concepts here and there.

I bought it. Didnt like it thought. It’s better to review the 5 Schweser books instead. Maybe its a good use for the subway ride? But that’s it.

definetely good for the subway/train. Reading 2 study sessions a day and then doing the questions in q bank at night for those study sessions. used cfai material for the last 4 months but wasn’t “feeling it”. Now a little better…