Secret Sauce

I was thinking of doin Secret Sauce extensively and not relying much on the 5 Books. But i found out that Secret Sauce is very short. How effective is Secret Sauce? Should one rely on it in this last month?

if youve only got a month to study… id look @ secret sauce… no way u can get through the books in a month. i’d do half secret sauce half practice exams… and focus more on concepts vs learning how to do actual formulas.

Thanx…!! But don’t you find secret sauce to be insufficient…i mean when i study from it… i alwayz hav this fear about missing out sumthng… Also how many practise exams are u all plannin…?? schweser has 6 practise exams CFA mock exam is there nethng else that one can do…? Also for EHTICS…what is the Standards of practise handbook… everywhere it is highly reccomended… Does ne1 hav ne idea abt it…??

dude you cant study for this test in one month. the secret sauce is only used to brush up on stuff, it has no explanations and does NOT cover everything. you dont have time to get the SP book and read it anyway, but yes it is good for ethics, but not required.

Yes i understand that… hav finsished d books twice already… will b startin wid d tests…jus fillin in d gaps as of nw… jus wanted 2 knw hw reliable Secret Sauce is… Newayz thanx ppl…:slight_smile:

@dpak secret sauce is definitely useful if you have already read the concepts more than once , I suggest you to use it for the last week . mainly because its a brush up ,but practice tests will help you reinforce the concepts and tackle the exam easily . IMO you can read secret sauce twice that is once a week before the exam wherein you mark/highlight the pitfalls and your weaknesses and again re-read them 1-2 days before the exam .

^ agreed with Factor Hedge. Sorry for my first reply-- from the way you worded the question it sounded like you hadn’t even read through the material and were looking to pass using the Secret Sauce alone.