Secret Sauce?

Anybody use the Schweser secret sauce book? Is it worth checking out?

I think its a pretty good summary of a lot of topics. It can help you figure out what you need to review in more depth

i think its terrific, i read it today

yep. it’s excellent. You don’t have to think about what to study next… just pick it up and start reading.

great summary

Really useful for a refresh during the last week before the exam…seemingly now ^^

This is my single source of preparation due to significant time limitations this year! Very good summary and I think it helps even more as a review the last lets say 3-5 days.

Good read/summary. I plan to use it as a supplement to my personal notes this week as I review them till the end. Also, good for Stalla users to plug holes not as widely covered in Stalla.

I also like the Stalla review book as you can read through a very high level summary of the curriculum quickly. The Schweser is more detailed and organized easier, whereas the Stalla is in small paragraphs followed by formulas


Worth it’s weight in gold, my friend finished reading it in 3 days!

I actually find myself reading it far less than I did in Level 1 and Level II, partially because its so big it’s like reading another book. I use it to annotate the margins with additional stuff they leave out, since I don’t really take my own notes. I am using it more for reference than reading at this point. I have only really “read” it cover to cover once. Still helpful.

oh i have it but i didn’t have time to read it yet… i guess i’ll just skim through some topics instead in the last 2-3 days… which topics are particularly well written in secret sauce??

i’m reading it… halfway through. It helped me realize I forgot how to do a two-bond hedge… then I looked it up and saw how easy it was.

I really cant see them asking us to do a two-bond hedge!!!

it can easily be on there…

I wonder what is more comprehensive, the Secret Sauce or all the end of chapter summaries in Schweser?

sauce is better