Secretaries/Admin Pro's

So what are some good x-mas gift ideas for your secretaries?

a bottle of wine would make a pretty good gift. maybe a fresh copy of Lotus notes.

gift cards are always good.

I’ve seen: bottles of wine or ice wine (for the holidays) (as mentioned by SSS) gift cards (as mentioned by mp) gift certificates to apply toward a day at a spa tickets to a concert (symphony, opera, show) potted plants (poinsettias, etc.) or flowers lunches at nice restaurants nice writing ‘implements’ (i.e. Cross pens, etc.) silk covered address books/daytimers (the boss went to Beijing) perfume and soaps (the boss went to Grasse, France) trinket boxes (the boss brought back a silver one from a market in Karachi, Pakistan) fruit baskets with chocolate/wine/cheeses, other goodies cash a bit more expensive (but I’ve seen these as well): designer purses/wallets/bags (Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc.) scarves (Hermes) keychains (Chanel)

VISA gift card.

Fewer slaps on the a$$ next year (or more - it depends).


haha. some good and bad ideas mixed in there :). gift cards are easy but you end up spending more than you would without one adn it kinda seems impersonnal… holidays suck!