Section in CFAI not in Schweser

Pages 330 - 331 - Reading 27 - Enhanced Index Strategies Not sure why but the wording in this section is completely different from anything I’ve seen in Schweser where they talk about: - Lower Cost Enhancements - Issue Selection Enhancements - Yield Curve Positioning - Sector / Quality Positioning - Call Exposure Positioning They even provide a sample question on P.332. PJStyles

Agreed. I wanted to post on this. In the curriculum, there was even a question in the readings (in the blue box) about enhanced indexing. That’s when I realized schweser didn’t have it.

Thanks, will review

As a point of review, I’ve gone through every single blue/box example that were in the CFAI books just to make sure I didn’t miss any twists/turns… probably good that everyone does that.

Thanks PJStyles. I wonder if Schweser didn’t include because the LOS doesn’t seem to go into that level of detail? But I read that section anyway!