Securities analyst

Can someone give me some information on what this position involves. What are the working hours, salary range… how much time is spent on collecting data and feeding it into the system… how much on developing your own models/ideas? Anything else?


There’s no information whatsoever here

This. Matters enormously what kind of shop, people, and fund you’re working for. Titles in investment management vary widely - two different people with the title “Securities Analyst” at different firms could have massively different experience, responsibilities, and pay scale. Your best indicator of what the job will consist of is:

  1. What other people at the same firm, with the same title, do.

  2. What the portfolio manager / company says the job will consist of.

growinginside, you’ve asked some good questions and I think part of the reason why you’re not getting many responses is because of just how broad your questions are. However, I suggest that you check out a couple of interviews I did for Mergers & Inquisitions last year. If you haven’t heard of this site, I highly recommend it for anything related to finance careers. Anyway, my interviews can be found here and I think you’l find a lot of information there related to your “breaking into research” inquiry:

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