Securities & Investment Institute Certificate

Hi All, Does anyone have any idea about whether it is worthwhile to do the SII Course? In particular I have plans to do a CFA so am wondering whether doing these exams would actually be a help or hindrance? I ve already got the books from 7City and they seem pretty straightforward. Put another way - Is the SII certificate actually valued in any way?

How hard is it to get? As a general rule, the more scarce / harder things are to acquire / attain, the more they are valued.

Eh… I could have sworn I have seen a document showing that the CFA charter can be used as a valid charter to become a full SII member. It’s a membership, right? MSI, Member of Securities Institute. I’m not from the UK so I can’t really say I know anything about it and it was some years ago I read about it some place.

SII certificate is useful to become FSA authorised. Beyond that, MehdiOchre is right - CFA is equivalent to MSI, so you’d either do the diploma or CFA, not both.

Depends on which SII course you mean as well. I did a paper on secutities and one on regulation to get myself authorised but it was a piece of piss and took about 1 hour’s revision. It’s a requirement rather than anything to brag about or look particularly impressive on your CV. The securities exam was seriously up there with my driving theory test in terms of how easy it was, although possibly even easier.