Security Lending

I recntly took a job for a large bank in the Security Lending Department. Job is middle office operations but I was wonder if skills I learn here will be useful one day for trying to tranfer to something closer to front office.

I am a recent college graduate and taking level 1 in June. Any backround on secuirty lending as a career or if it is useful postion to start with would be helpful.


Everyone wants to be an FO rock star.

Huge if you want to trade Repo.

operations? sorry dude, operations is not path to FO. but yes it is better than unemployment

^ I’ll post gently this time Itera. Instead of, “sorry dude, no chance, but it’s one step better than unemployment” maybe you could advise this little cubby how he could rise to the top.

I find it hard to believe that one is elected to be in ER from the day they come out of the womb, enter elite pre school, and matriculate to a Top 2 MBA before entering a bidding war between MS and GS.

You might be able to break into securities lending trading at some of the large asset management firms, but it’s not really trading. Heard the lifestyle is good and pay is decent.

Work hard, do your best, and always try to make your boss look good. Usually this will circle back some good Karma. You’re young in your career so it’s important to just develop good habits, work ethic, and excel skills.