See you Sunday!!

I’m done studying… I promised my sister to go climbing this afternoon and have dinner with her and her friend tonight. Didn’t know back then that Schweser would be out all morning and I’ll just have a look at Ethics before I go to sleep tonight. I honestly enjoyed studying with you here the last few weeks, it was great fun to see all the familiar names come out every day and make each other smarter. So many of us will pass, you have no idea. See you Sunday and if and when you Americans wake up in the middle of the night, remember that us Europeans are probably taking the exam already! Lucky bastards… Have fun for the rest of the day, see you on the other side.

Nice work mcpass. Good luck on the exam.

Good luck McPass

Good luck McPass.

mc PASS !!

Now go out their and make me look stupid.

kick a$$ mcpass! see you at level 3

You can do it!!

That’s funny as I planned on going rock climbing on you sister on Sunday. I hear there are some nice peaks. Just kidding B…or am I.

Good luck, you have this thing.