Seeking advice on using CFA to open new opportunities.

Can someone with a little bit of experience help me figure out how to become an investment analyst.

Background: Bachelor’s degree (non finance), Cleared CFA level 1, Did not clear CFA level 2 (re-appearing in June 2019)

Just moved to USA. No network of people.

Q1. What would be the ideal career path for getting something in hand, in terms if skills I should acquire or jobs I can apply to? With my work experience, I only qualify for retail banking jobs.

Q2. What Masters program would you recommend which can help me achieve this goal, except for MBA or MS Finance? The long term goal is to work in Venture Capital and Private Equity. Bachelor’s program was all about product design and pitching for VC funding. Which is how I’m here.

Thank you. I appreciate your advice.

You have a network. Call your local CFA Society. Ask a local professor with a CFA to mentor you. Start with buying them coffee to pick their brain. You never know. You might land a VC or PE job right off the bat. That’s how I had an intern work for me a few years back. One of my professors from the 90’s asked me to take him on. Contact your local chamber of commerce. Also contact the chamber of commerce that has members from your country. Ask for help.

So, now you have 2 - 3 networks.