seeking advise for the last week

Hi all, is there anyone who have done level one can help me do a quick diagnose?

so far i have done two mocks, 62% and 68% respectively, I have also finished all the questions behind books and notes and yet have review them again, I find my problet is retentionn if I understand something I tend to forget tehm after two three days.

As for sections, my best section is econ (80%+) , Ethics (75%-65%) and FSA varies around 70-75%, I find it weird and surprising that my corporate finance, equity and portfolio hoovers around 30-50%, I cant seem to figure out why.

My thinking is do two more mocks tomorrow and the second, should I stomach one more mock in between? Should I go back to the books and review all the questions and focus on mocks and unclear concepts?


man…just do practice problems. I remember when i took level 1, i was just crunching problems left and right. but do it constructively!

ok, define constructively?

As you would suspect I imagine… Get a question wrong, read the answer and understand the explanatory notes. Still doesn’t make sense? Read the relevant section/s within the text.

Rinse and repeat. If you don’t see improvement by doing this then you are not ‘constructively’ learning.

ye thats what i am doing,but its so massive i feel like i am discovering holes here and there, oh well, i guess thats the point haha