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This is going to sound like a broad question but I am just interested in how people approach this issue when it rises. How do you manage to get a higher salary ( 50% increase) when you switch a job given that the new employer knows your low salary from the previous job? assuming it is the same job or maybe the new job has fewer more responsibilities. Thanks in advance

How does your new employer know your old salary? Or is the change within the same firm so they have access to it? If the latter is the case… and it is almost the same job, on what basis would you expect a 50% increase in salary?

usually the new employer asks for salary history. I am asking how to manage to get 40-50 % increase. Is it possible? if yes, how?

Well, I will say that I have no experience getting a 50% increase for doing the same job, but I think the first thing you would have to do is lie, er… exaggerate in regards to your previous salary. I just don’t see another way to overcome a situation where you were making $40k and are now asking for $60k for doing the same thing. Edit: Sorry I couldn’t be more help, but if others know the secret do share!

I can’t say that I’ve ever swung this either, but I think the standard advice (which could arguably be lying as mentioned above) is to stress intangibles that made you willing to accept less money. Maybe its a non-profit or had great benefits and you were getting a kidney transplant or something, but in any event you thought is was worth taking less money for. And ideally it’s something that the new place can’t do, like they’re not going to convert to non-profit just to save $20K on your salary (something like Tuesday afternoons off might be a different story). It probably helps if you have some market figures to back up your argument that you were in fact underpaid as opposed to just wanting more money to do the same job which kind of goes without saying.

paul-ledin bright ideas Thanks bunch

ssdnola, it is poosible . i have done it . in my previous job there was no bonus. so incl bonus i will say i have got 100% rise. also it depends on industry , in hedge fund , fof no big deal if you have right experiance